Board certified in behavioral and cognitive psychology.


Guiding the next generation of clinicians in culturally-informed care.


Certified trainer in innovative relationship therapies.



Dr. Williams delivers compelling keynote presentations about the most pressing issues of our times.

The fight for justice.
Expert witness services.

Providing insight into the role of discrimination on behavior and mental health for the courts in the US and Canada.

Legal Services

Inner child.
See for yourself.

Brace yourself for a new paradigm in mental health.


In the media.
Science for the people.

Contributing to the public discourse through major media globally.


Popular Books and Videos by Dr. Monnica Williams

book - Racial Trauma

Healing Racial Trauma

A 12-Session Protocol. Now available for pre-order!

book - Power, Discrimination, and Privilege

Power, Privilege, Discrimination

In Individuals and Institutions

book - Managing Microaggressions

Managing Microaggressions

Addressing Everyday Racism in Therapeutic Spaces

book - Culturally Responsive Care

Mental Health

Eliminating Race-Based Disparities: Equity and Culturally Responsive Care

book - Psychedelic Therapy

Psychedelic Therapy

American Psychological Association Deliberate Practice Series

book - Sexual Obsessions in OCD

Treating OCD

Sexual Obsessions in OCD: Definitive Guide to Understanding, Diagnosis, & Treatment

book - Sexual Obsessions in OCD

Treating OCD

Sexual Obsessions in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Audiobook

PESI video

Racial Trauma

Assessment and Treatment Techniques for Trauma Rooted in Racism


Racial Trauma Treatment

A 12-Session Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Protocol


Transforming Therapy

Being the Change: Embracing Antiracism in the Therapy Room


Equity and Access to Care

Psychedelics & Racial Justice