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Diversity, equity, and racial justice.

Training Popular Workshops

  • Assessment & Treatment of Racial Trauma
  • Microaggressions in Clinical Care
  • Understanding and Connecting with Black Clients
  • The Racial Harmony Workshop: Reducing Racism and Building Allies
  • Providing Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy
  • Exposure and Ritual Prevention (Ex/RP) for OCD
  • The Ethics of Inclusion: Culturally Informed Research Design
  • How Your Racial and Ethnic Identity Affects Client Care
  • What You Need to Know but Your Ethnically and Racially Diverse Clients Might Not Tell You

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Speaking Popular Topics

  • Being a Racial Justice Ally
  • Racial Stress and Trauma
  • Psychedelic Therapies and Racial Justice
  • Understanding Racism, Discrimination, and Stereotypes
  • Understanding Microaggressions
  • Understanding Major Mental Illness
  • Sexual Obsessions in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
  • Improving an Adverse Racial Climate
  • What Therapists Need to Know About Psychedelics

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Schedule for 2024

Upcoming Presentations and Workshops

Williams, M. T. (2024, June 21-23). Racial Trauma: New Hope for a Hidden Problem. Keynote presentation for Traumatic Stress Section. Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) 2024 Convention, Ottawa, ON.

Williams, M. T. (2024, June 21-23). Understanding the Impact of Racism on Black Psychologists (and What to Do about It!). Keynote presentation for Black Psychology Section. Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) 2024 Convention, Ottawa, ON.

Beaulac, J., Williams, M. T., et al. (2024, June 21-23). Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy: Issues of Consideration for Practicing Psychologists. Panel Discussion. Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) 2024 Convention, Ottawa, ON.

Bautista, S., Williams, M. T., & Wetterneck, C. T. (2024, July 18). Unacceptable and Taboo Thoughts in OCD: Comprehensive Evaluation, Pharmacotherapy, and Evidence-Based Psychotherapy. American Psychiatric Association.

Williams, M. T. (2024, August 8-10). Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies and Racial Trauma. Keynote lecture. American Psychological Association Annual Conference, Seattle, WA.

Williams, M. T. (2024, September 13). Psychedelics & Racial Justice: Igniting an International Conversation. The Master Series at Oxford University, UK.

Williams, M. T. (2024, October 9). Psychedelic Medicine: A New Frontier in Mental Health. What Therapists Need to Know. The Global Exchange Conference. Lake Buena Vists, FL.

Williams, M. T. (2024, October 17). Understanding Trauma: How Racism Impacts Mental Health. Virtual presentation. Animas Centre for Coaching.

Williams, M. T. (2024, October 25-27). Keynote. Flexibility Within Fidelity: Adapting Evidence-Based OCD Treatments to Client Factors. International OCD Foundation. Toronto, ON.

Williams, M. T. (2024, December 19). Microaggressions and Mental Health: Navigating Everyday Racism. Virtual presentation. Animas Centre for Coaching.

Williams, M. T. (2025, January 30-February 2). Treating Racial Trauma & Anti-Racism, 4-Day Intensive: Becoming an Anti-Racist Therapist and Evidence-Based Treatment of Racial Trauma. Evidence Based Training Solutions. Iberostar Rose Hall Beach, Montego Bay, Jamaica.

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book - Sexual Obsessions in OCD

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