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Racial Trauma

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Popular Books and Videos by Dr. Monnica Williams

book - Racial Trauma

Healing Racial Trauma

A 12-Session Protocol. Now available for pre-order!

book - Power, Discrimination, and Privilege

Power, Privilege, Discrimination

In Individuals and Institutions

book - Managing Microaggressions

Managing Microaggressions

Addressing Everyday Racism in Therapeutic Spaces

book - Culturally Responsive Care

Mental Health

Eliminating Race-Based Disparities: Equity and Culturally Responsive Care

book - Psychedelic Therapy

Psychedelic Therapy

American Psychological Association Deliberate Practice Series

book - Sexual Obsessions in OCD

Treating OCD

Sexual Obsessions in OCD: Definitive Guide to Understanding, Diagnosis, & Treatment

book - Sexual Obsessions in OCD

Treating OCD

Sexual Obsessions in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Audiobook

PESI video

Racial Trauma

Assessment and Treatment Techniques for Trauma Rooted in Racism


Racial Trauma Treatment

A 12-Session Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Protocol


Transforming Therapy

Being the Change: Embracing Antiracism in the Therapy Room


Equity and Access to Care

Psychedelics & Racial Justice