Structural Racism

Bias hidden in organizational systems.

Organizational Psychology

Structural Racism and Bias

Structural racism in the context of organizational psychology refers to the systemic and ingrained patterns of discrimination and inequality based on race that affect the dynamics, policies, practices, and culture of organizations. This concept is critical to understanding how racial disparities persist in the workplace, impacting recruitment, promotion, compensation, and overall employee experience.

Here are some common ways that structural racism manifests in organizations:

  1. Recruitment and Hiring Practices
  2. Promotion, Advancement, and Leadership
  3. Workplace Culture and Norms
  4. Salary and Benefits
  5. Training and Development Opportunities
  6. Organizational Policies and Practices
  7. Community Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility

Selected Publications

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Williams, M. T. (2019). Adverse racial climates in academia: Conceptualization, interventions, and call to action. New Ideas in Psychology, 55, 58-67.

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Power, Discrimination and Privilege in Individuals and Institutions

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