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Managing stress of violent videos
CNN Health

To cope with release of violent videos, manage stress and know your own limits.

Tyre Nichols on NPR

Videos like the Tyre Nichols footage can be traumatic, an expert shares ways to cope.

sad girl with OCD in bed
New York Times

With anxiety on the rise, more children try exposure therapy to improve mental health.

Brain scan with psychedelics

Researchers use psychedelics for mental health problems, like PTSD, anxiety, and depression.

Media Coverage 2024

Adams, K. & Arzate, H. A. (2024, May 21). Schizophrenia: Finding Hope on a Hard Road. American Public Media.

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Media Coverage 2023

Shore, R. (2023, December 12). Canada owes its veterans new mental health tools: Access to psychedelic therapies is overdue. OHS Canada.

Drakes-Tull, S. (2023, December 5). Microaggressions at work take a heavy toll: Exhaustion, humiliation, burnout. The Globe and Mail.

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Van Rooy, N. (2023, January 27). Tyre Arrest Video to be Released. CTV Ottawa.

Kim, J. (2023, January 27). Videos like the Tyre Nichols footage can be traumatic. An expert shares ways to cope. NPR.

Christensen, J. (2023, January 27). ¿Cómo hacer frente emocionalmente a la publicación de videos violentos? Los expertos recomiendan manejar el estrés y conocer tus propios límites. CNN.

Christensen, J. (2023, January 27). To cope with release of violent videos, manage stress and know your own limits. CNN Health.

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