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Media Coverage 2022

Krishnan, M. (2022, December 20). ‘This Is Our Protest’: Black People Are Taking Shrooms to Heal From Racism. Vice.

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Dr. Monnica Williams on Red Table Talk

Red Table Talk

Jada Pinket Smith and her family tackled the issue of plant medicine and other psychedelics for mental health in this video, featuring Dr. Williams as a top doctor in the field.

Media Coverage 2021

Wolf, C. (2021, December 17). Ihre Privatsphäre ist uns wichtig. Spektrum.

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Why protests are actually good for your mental health, and so many of us have them.


USA Today

George Floyd video trauma: When is the last time you saw a White person killed online?

Phone George Floyd

BBC News

George Floyd's death might not have caused global outrage if it hadn't been filmed.

Science News Mind

Science News

Psychedelic therapies offer promise for mental health problems, depression, PTSD

Media Coverage 2020

Eurasia Review. (2020, December 30). Study Claims ‘Positive’ Psychedelic Drug Use May Lessen Trauma Of Racial Injustice. Eurasia Review News & Analysis.

Curtis, S. (2020, December 30). Victims of racism should take Ecstasy or magic mushrooms to reduce the trauma of their experience, study suggests. Daily Mail.

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